​​​​​​​Kiryoku Training Center

1989 Englishtown Road

Old Bridge, NJ  08831

About Kiryoku training center

Welcome to Kiryoku Training Center,

the realization of my dream!

I believe that inside of every one of us, there is an inner strength that helps us keep the balance in our day to day lives.  It helps us survive during times of struggle, illness, or loss.  I also believe that we can reach our inner strength by connecting the mind, body, and spirit in our training.  Our programs are designed to get results in the limited time clients have to train.   We offer useful, effective and fun fitness solutions in a welcoming atmosphere.   I often refer to our beautiful training center as my Zen Haven.  A time out for YOU!

At Kiryoku Training Center, we empower individuals to achieve inner strength by connecting the mind, body, and spirit.   We believe that each client's fitness goals are as unique as their individual thumbprint.  Whether you like to train with a great amount of exertion or if you prefer a less intense workout, we offer a variety of diverse, fun, and effective programs to help everyone reach their personal best level of fitness!  Please visit our Programs page to see what we have to offer!

Make fitness a lifestyle choice!