​​​​​​​Kiryoku Training Center

1989 Englishtown Road

Old Bridge, NJ  08831


Beginner Kickboxing
This is a slower paced Kickboxing class, that is perfect for beginners or those recovering from injuries.  We teach our students proper technique for authentic karate blocks and strikes, focus on alignment, breath awareness, and response to your partner’s actions.  It is a safe and enjoyable learning environment and will make you realize your inner strength.

45 minute class

Kickboxing PLUS
One of our most sought after classes, Kickboxing PLUS is open to everyone!  You will learn authentic karate strikes and kicks, as well as how to condition your response to your partner’s moves.  In addition, we focus on proper  alignment to enhance muscular gains and breathing for endurance.  In between sets, we work on building core, shoulder, and lumbar spine strength with our mat work.  45 minute class