​​​​​​​Kiryoku Training Center

1989 Englishtown Road

Old Bridge, NJ  08831

Working Your Asana
Learn how to safely go deeper into your Asanas.  Each class will begin with a dynamic Yoga flow and then we will explore the poses and variations.  With blocks, straps, and/or bolsters, we will work our Yoga practice to a deeper level!  This class is for current Kiryoku Training Center members only.. 

Multi Level Yoga
This is a fun, dynamic class that allows all levels of Yoga experience to work together.  Students move at their own level practicing alignment in their postures (asanas),  and synchronizing their breath with the movement (pranayama).   Each class ends with a guided relaxation (Savasana) to restore and rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit. 1hour 15min class

Yoga Basics
Perfect for students who complete our Intro to Yoga series.  With a focus on alignment and breathing, we will help you move in and out of poses comfortably and confidently.  Our certified instructors will help you feel comfortable and inspired to continue your Yoga journey. 

Honor the Caregiver Yoga
This is a meaningful class, in which we reach out to individuals who are in the position of caring for someone who is ill.   Being a caregiver, while so necessary, can be exhausting.  We are here to recharge your batteries, find your inner strength, and help you keep going.  Whether it be a parent or relative, a child or young adult, cancer, mental illness, or other, please join us.  If you are in the position of needing to restore and refresh, we welcome you.  If you know someone who needs this class, please send them our way.  Families welcome!  Our class will begin with centering, followed by a gentle Yoga flow and end with a restorative Yoga session.  No fee for this 1 hour class, but small donations will be graciously accepted.


Candlelight Yoga
Our Friday night Candlelight Yoga  events are geared towards helping you wind down after a long workweek.  We offer several  relaxing and fun events.  Candlelight Yoga, includes a gentle Yoga flow, followed by restorative yoga.  Candlelight Partner Yoga is a fun, upbeat class in which you are paired with another student, to have fun holding several yoga poses.  Candlelight Yoga with Essential Oils incorporates oils into yoga poses to enhance and empower your practice.  Candlelight Restorative Yoga is a deeply restful practice that uses props to completely support the body in comfortable reclined positions, with awareness of the breath, and provides an opportunity to bring the mind and body into stillness and deep rest.  Each session concludes with a healthy dessert and social time. A great way to unwind and restore your energy. Preregistration is required for these events.  Dates and fees are announced monthly.

Intro to Yoga
Our 5 week Intro to Yoga series, will introduce you to the basics of  Yoga, including meditation, breathing, postures, proper alignment, and guided relaxation. With step by step instruction, this class will prepare you for your yoga journey. Mats and blocks will be available, however you are welcome to bring your own. This class is open to everyone -  you do not need a flexible body to learn yoga, you need to have a flexible mind!